QCPDX working to eliminate gas leaf blowers

Contact Portland City Council with your comments on the proposed ordinance!

Gas-powered leaf blowers are hazardous!

EXTREME NOISE – their high-decibel, low-frequency noise disrupts communities and contributes to hearing loss and hypertension.

HEALTH RISKS – their toxic emissions and fine particulates increase risks of cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and dementia. 

ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS – their toxic waste and smog-forming emissions harm ecosystems and contribute to the climate crisis.

Please join us in eliminating gas-powered leaf blowers and making our neighborhoods quieter and healthier.  Find out more below. 


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The Aggressive Ways of the Casual Leaf Blower

“Clean up,” they say, filling the air

with dirt and exhaust. As if

you can more quickly rake in cash

by blowing it into the street.

With all the force — and foresight —

of a tornado. Such logic

flies in everyone’s face, yet passes

for rational self-interest. How

so many ignore it, I don’t know.

It screams out to be heard

from blocks away, even with

the windows closed. And the stereo on.

Verse thanks to Jennifer Martenson