LINKS re Leaf Blowers

April, 2019 revision – American Green Zone Alliance – James Fallows DC Ban proposal Fallows video James Fallows on noise damage of GLBs – 3 ½ min – LA air quality video re leaf blowers – Santa Monica—April-162018 – slide show–leaf_blower_noise_regulation – Friendly Streets survey,%20etc.pdf – Cities with bans – CA cities with bans – Seattle

Noise comparison between GLBs and battery powered LBs

AGZA_Leaf_Blower_Statement – Fugitive dust health hazards

Westchester County NY Leaf Blower Regulations

Landscape Trade Journal Articles:

Equipment Matters: The Battle for Battery – June 21, 2018

Abstract: When battery power was first introduced, the performance was lackluster, to say the least, and landscapers have been skeptical ever since. Yet over the past few years, as battery power technology has advanced, opinions are now changing once again.

Equipment Matters:: The fate of battery and gas power– June 22, 2018

Abstract: One of the complaints often cited about battery powered equipment is a low runtime, but not much of this is from first-hand experience, but rather the assumption that nothing can compare to gas.

Plugged In – June 28, 2018

Abstract: Electric power has come a long way, with commercial-grade equipment giving landscape businesses the efficiency and performance they demand.

A look at three companies that are forgoing gas for battery-powered equipment

Abstract: The article features three landscape companies that have switched from gas- to battery-powered equipment for a greener operation. December, 2015


How Battery-Powered Equipment Helps Operators Save Money, Win Bids and Go Green

Abstract: The article focuses on setbacks and trends for battery-powered equipment in the landscape industry.