Quiet clean yard services, eliminate gas leaf blowers
Our yards are part of our homes and deserve good care.  It is entirely possible to maintain a healthy beautiful yard without the noise and toxic emissions from gas powered leaf blowers or other gas powered equipment.  Avoiding those dangerous tools will improve our air quality and minimize disruptive noise – benefits that you and your neighbors will appreciate. 

For those of us who maintain our own yards, we can choose quiet, gas-free yard care equipment like rakes and brooms or electric tools.  For those of us who have others care for our yards, we can ask them not to use gas powered leaf blowers, mowers and trimmers.  If your provider is not interested in providing this service, you can get the beautiful yard that you want and a quieter, healthier neighborhood by contracting from the below providers.  We have listed the services that these contractors offer, but be sure to specify the methods of care you prefer.

If you offer quiet clean yard care services, please fill out this survey so that we can add your service information to our directory.


Contractor Name and Link Area of Service Phone No Blow Service Offered Electric Blower Gas-Free Tools Only Hand Tools Only Offered Organic Fertilizer Chemical Free 
Clean Air Lawn Care Portland Eastside 503 679 7418 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Good Green Neighbors Inner SE Portland 503 453 6057 No  Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Eco Lawn Care  NE Portland 971 297 0177 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cascadian Ecoscapes Inner East, Inner West Portland 503 303 2270 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flora Organic Landscape N,NE, SE Portland, Milwaukee 503 941 0273 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
As the Crow Flies Garden and Design Portland Metro Area East Side 503 319 0638 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landscape East West Portland, NE, Portland Heights, LO 503 406 6936 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Clean Air Lawn Care Beaverton, SW Portland, West Slope, Garden Home 503 345 7577 No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Bernardo Antano
Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Lake Oswego 503 833 2914 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neighborhood Gardeners SW
SW Portland 503 310 5975 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gaia Gardens NW Portland, West Hills 503 347 4717 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oswego Yard Lake Oswego, West Linn 503 849 0096 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mow and Blow PDX
Portland 503 347 4604 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Portland Earth Care Portland 503 754 0479 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dennis’ 7 Dees Portland, LO, Tigard, Vancouver 503 777 7777 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Moonlight Gardens
Portland Metro 503 515 2845 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nature’s Nurturer
Portland NE  503 531 9116 Yes NA Yes Yes Yes Yes
Handmade Gardens   Portland 503 849 9466  Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes