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Hi everyone, We’re just getting started. Here are a few links for you to take a look at what we’ve done so far.  Thanks for your help!

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June 2019 – Recent video testimony before the Oregon House Energy and Environment Committee!

Poem by Kim Stafford, Oregon Poet Laureate 2020

The Devil’s Workshop


To torture your neighbors, some devil said,

I give you my multi-tool that hits so many irritants at once: 

it deafens workers so their ears ring, it kicks up killing dust to sicken children,

it spews more poisons to taint the sky in a mere half-hour than a truck driving

from the Texas plains to Alaska, and all to hustle leaves from yard to bin.


Have you seen one such contraption chase a single leaf to pirouette

in the blue plume that’s killing us? Have you gritted your teeth

and hated the neighbor you recently enjoyed? Have you missed

your meditative hour with rake and rain, as you walked your way

from summer into fall? My friend, the bar is low. We can do better.