Take Action to eliminate gas leaf blowers

Most people find gas-powered leaf blowers annoying, but many of us don’t know how dangerous they are to human health. Replacing them with clean alternatives can make our neighborhoods quieter and safer. Please join us to eliminate gas-powered leaf blowers in Portland!

In 2021 we worked to pass Oregon House Bill 3023 which would prohibit the sale and use of gas leaf blowers within the Portland Urban Growth Boundary. Find out more about the bill.


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  2. Join our Facebook group for up-to-date information about how to help the effort and the progress we are making.
  3. Sign and share our petition to lobby Portland and Oregon legislators to pass a ban on gas powered leaf blowers.
  4. Download our Leaf Blower Presentation and share it with your neighbors and friends.
  5. Download our Gas Powered Leaf Blower Emissions Factsheet and share it with your neighbors and friends.
  6. Share this information on Nextdoor.com – people care about what their neighbors say.
  7. Ask your landscaping company to switch to electric powered equipment. More contractors are starting to move away from gas powered equipment. Tell them that you care about our air and their health!  To help you with that conversation, we have prepared this tip sheet for talking to your contractor, and this draft language for a letter to your contractor. Here is a version of the letter in Spanish.
  8. Hire a landscape contractor that is committed to quiet, safe, gas free yard care. 
  9. Replace your own gas powered equipment with safer tools – find more information about safer tools here
  10. Practice healthy yard care – sometimes doing less work can actually be better for your yard – find out more about eco friendly yard care here.

For Whom the Leaf Blower Blows

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Verse thanks to Jennifer Martenson