About Us

Quiet Clean PDX

We are a volunteer effort working to eliminate the use of gas powered leaf blowers to stop the harm that these tools cause to workers, the public and the environment. We are working to raise awareness of this issue, educate the public about healthier alternatives and establish common sense regulation in the Portland area and across Oregon.

Taking care of our green spaces and outdoor areas shouldn’t put our health or environment at risk. Unfortunately, gas powered leaf blowers expose us to toxic air pollutants, dangerous dust, and deafening noise.  They also harm our soil, water, plants, and wildlife habitats.

We believe that a combination of working with nature, choosing gas-free tools, shifting expectations about aesthetics, and establishing common sense regulation will help protect workers, the public, and our environment.

We know that to bring about an effective and equitable transition away from gas equipment requires a collaboration of many perspectives. Since 2018 we have been meeting with concerned residents, landscapers, contractors, public health and air quality experts, nature experts, and local city, county and state leaders. We look forward to continuing to expand these discussions to build a just solution.

Please join us by signing up for our newsletter or facebook group or download our brochure: Gas-Free Maintenance Brochure.

If you are interested in creating similar action in your community, please utilize these resources and contact us for potential collaboration.

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