About Us

Quiet Clean PDX

We are a volunteer effort aiming to phase out gas-powered leaf blowers in the greater Portland area to stop the harm they cause to workers, the environment, and everyone nearby. We are working to raise awareness of this issue, promote healthier alternatives, and advocate for the elimination of these devices in the greater Portland area.

Taking care of our green spaces and outdoor areas shouldn’t put our health and environment at risk. Unfortunately, gas leaf blowers expose us to extremely toxic air pollutants, dangerous levels of airborne dust, and hazardous noise levels. They also inflict harm on our soil, plants, ecosystems, and wildlife.

We believe the combination of choosing gas-free tools, shifting aesthetics about yards, working with nature, and shifting to electric/battery-powered blowers will protect workers, the environment, and the public well being.

We are working with local organizations that share our concerns to build a coalition for action and educate the public on cost-effective, efficient alternatives to gas leaf blowers. We continue to expand these discussions to build a just solution.

Please join us!  Explore our website, sign up for our newsletter, join our facebook group and check out our Take Action page for other ways to get involved. 


Please contact us for more information or suggestions. If you’re interested in creating similar action in your own community, feel free to use the resources we have provided on these pages,

Leaf Blower Cartoon

Cartoon thanks to Tom Toro