There is a wealth of information available about the dangers of gas powered leaf blowers and alternative solutions. Multiple organizations nationally support eliminating them. Many cities in the US have already banned their use. Below is a selection of resources that we hope helps to answer any questions you may have.

Our Gas Powered Leaf Blower Noise and Emissions Factsheet is also a useful summary of the data and sources we have collected which documents the dangers of these devices.

Noise pollution and health

ARUP Leaf Blower Noise Testing – Gas Blowers lower frequency noise travels farther

European Heart Journal – Cardiovascular effects of environmental noise exposure

CDC – How loud noises damage hearing

Quiet Communities – Gas Blowers Low Frequency Sound Explains Broad Impact

New Yorker – Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis?

Noise and the City – The Devils Hair Dryer

Journal of Environmental Studies – Lawn and Garden Equipment Sound: A Comparison of Gas and Battery Electric Equipment

Consumer Reports – The Science of Sound: How the Products You Use Every Day Are Engineered for Your Ears

Video – Leaf Blower Sound Comparison – Li-ion battery powered vs. gas engine powered

Emissions, Air Quality and Health

EPA – Report on Gas Powered Lawn Equipment Emissions and Dangers

Oregon DEQ – What You Can Do for Cleaner Air

American Lung Association – State of the Air

World Health Organization – Risks of Air Pollution

American Heart Association – Particulates and Cardiovascular Disease

Silent Spring – GLBs linked to increased risk of breast cancer from Huntington CALM

American Cancer Association – Benzene and Cancer Risk

Mt Sinai Childrens Health Center – Medical Grounds for Restricting Gas Leaf Blowers

NY Committee on Environmental Health – Gas Blowers, Health Risks and Alternatives

Sierra Club – The State of the Air Is Worsening as Climate Impacts Multiply

Fair Warning – Noisy but thats not all

Environmental Hazards

California Air Resources Board – Small Engine Fact Sheet

AGZA – Toxic Solid Waste from Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

US Dept Of Energy – Lawn Care Fuel Consumption

Edmunds – Leaf Blowers Emissions Much Dirtier than Pickup Truck

Portland Area gas free yard maintenance companies

Clean Air Lawn Care

The Quiet Gardener

Bernardo Antano – 503 833 2914  –

Good Green Neighbors

Cascadian Ecoscapes

Eco – Lawncare PDX

Healthy landscaping and yard maintenance

Green Jay – Why Leaf Blowers & Lawn Care Practices are Hazardous to our Health

Testimony – Battery Electric is profitable and powerful enough for landscape contractors

American Society of Landscape Architects – Battery Powered equipment helps us all breathe and hear easier 

NY Times – How to Rake Leaves on a Windy Day

Xerces Society – Leave the Leaves

CalRecycle – Grasscycling

SoilsAlive – How leaf blowers destroy soil

EcoBeneficial – Good Reasons to Stop Blowing Leaves

Portland Audubon – Backyard Habitat Certification

Oregon Metro – Healthy Lawn and Garden Pledge

Care 2 – 5 Greener Alternatives to Gas Blowers

Lawnsite – Raking is as fast as Blowing

Total Landscape Care – Equipment matters: The battle for battery

Quartz – The complete guide to the battery revolution

Landscape Management – Battery boon: Breaking down the benefits of battery-powered equipment

Lawn and Landscape – Plugged in

American Green Zone Alliance – Recommended Equipment

National action on gas powered leaf blower bans 


Washington, DC

Ann Arbor City, MI

Lincoln, MA

Sonoma, CA

20 Cities in California

Westchester County, NY

Dallas, TX

Seattle, WA

Bedford, NY

Pensacola, FL

US Cities with bans or restrictions

Leaf blower regulations by State

Organizations working to eliminate gas powered leaf blowers

American Green Zone Alliance

Huntington CALM

Greenwich CALM

Atlanta CALM

Chicago CALM

Bedford CALM

Quiet Communities

Medical Society of the State of New York

Quiet Clean DC

Noise Free America

Quiet Pensacola

News / Articles

Portland Tribune – Why we should ban Gas Leaf Blowers

Portland Southeast Examiner – Ban Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

The Atlantic – Get Off My Lawn

James Fallows Video – The Problem with Fall in America

Dr Weil – Ban Leafblowers

The Week – The Government Must Regulate Lawn Equipment

Wall Street Journal – Leaf Blowers are Loud, Ugly and Dangerous

Washington Post – How Bad are Gas Powered Leaf Blowers?

Boston Globe – Break your Leaf Blower Habit