June 2019 Hearing before the House Energy and Environment Subcommitte on HB3350

We had a hearing on HB3350 on 6.18.19

here’s the video – enjoy! + Testimony!

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  1. Stephen virell
    Stephen virell says:

    I am grateful for the tremendous commitment given that has been necessary to achieve the momentum accrued thus far in the hope of positive change, I do however take an issue with the way you are educating others to hold, even loosely, the idea that a leaf blower could even begin to approach the polluting done by a car.

    It is true that in the operation of these machines a gas leaf blower creates a seemingly ridiculous amount of pollution per hour of use versus hour of driving. But it is inaccurate to send the message that blowers are more polluting than an automobile. On Next Door statements akin to “a blower make more pollution
    than a car traveling XXX miles” are rampant. Regardless of how beneficially shocking the results of those tailpipe experiments are to you, the extreme narrowness of the experiments artificially inflate the relative importance of blower pollution.

    A blower will never use as much gasoline in It’s lifetime as a car will. The amount and kinds of poison per gallon of gas created and or released during the manufacturing, transportation, extraction and spill Of oil becoming our graded fuels is horrific and every best effort to calculate the hazards have each time found later to be grossly inadequate. Untold square miles of structures exist to serve cars Before the odometer even shows 10 miles. The factories the show rooms. The tens of thousands of people who drive to the factories to build the cars, the tankers, the gas stations…

    Your organization is doing valuable work. Much of the challenges that you have experienced in getting the public behind you come from apathy and denial,As much as they might come from a lack of understanding of whole systems or an understanding of the importance of healthy ecosystems and their ease at being damaged.The ability to see things holistically through the use of logic and science is not what you were helping here. I tend to think that reasoning is what people use while attempting to prove some thing they cannot help but believe in. Logic is what people use to discover something is true that they could not believe in. If you give people an escape route they will take it. One of the greatest symptoms of denial is the ability for a person to point at something other than the real problem and say at least Its not as bad as that.

    So there must be a motivation behind many of your supporters that allows them to make such statements and be completely comfortable with it and never notice it not being accurate. There must be something driving Many of your supporters that allows them to ignore that using a rake eight hours a day, like many of them hope for, is guaranteed to destroy the bodies of those who use them. In fact there are very few activities that one could even remotely consider themselves actually ever doing for eight hours five days a week that could be more likely to bring about an injury. Annually 30 to 40,000 people are injured due to using a rake. This is the homeowner and the occasional yardwork are making up these numbers not the people working eight hours a day in yards. The precision of motion range of twist and other thingsMust be done with precision and consistency throughout the hundreds and hundreds of times a day they might do it to prevent an incident. I hope that you are in fact only motivated to remove gas blowers and not blowers in general.


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